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Flextools is trusted by Balance Responsible Parties, Balancing Service Providers, and asset owners across the Nordics.

Our TSO-proven hardware and secure software solutions enable you to quickly scale your flexibility business.

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No downtime, only upside for flexible data centers

Discover how data center owners gain revenue with no downside through flexibility.

Aggregate flexible industrial loads and grow revenue

Industrial companies have production and support systems, including boilers, industrial ovens, data centers, lighting, and food processing equipment, which can contribute flexibility to the grid.

50MW wind park

Swedish wind park profits while balancing the grid. Read more about their success in the FCR-D market.

Nordic TSOs prioritize dynamic FCR-D

Nordic TSOs decide to prioritize dynamic resources like battery energy storage in the FCR-D market. Will limit amount of static resources that will be allowed.

We’re hiring!

Join the Flextools team! We're hiring a Customer Success Manager and Project Engineer for our Stockholm-Uppsala offices

What is “Flex” and why are “Flex tools” essential?

What is "flex"? Why is flexibility increasingly important to businesses and grid operators?

New bidding zone in Denmark

Bornholm will become Denmark's third bidding zone when it becomes operational.

Thankful for 2023!

Thanks to all of our customers, partners, and followers for an impactful 2023!

Batteries – Are we deploying fast enough?

Many are bullish on grid-connected battery energy storage systems. But are we able to deploy fast enough?
“Working together with Flextools in the StrømFleks project has been a positive experience. With flextools we can aggregate, monitor and dispatch flexibility available in our grid. We can combine assets from households and commercial buildings in different portfolios. Data gathered from the system can then be used to analyze consumption patterns.”
Ivan Schytte
Head of Smart Grid, Lede AS
“Flextools was the first company to participate in the NODESconnect partner program. Through their technology Flextools has managed to enable numerous flexibility providers to optimise their assets by selling flexibility in the NODESmarket place. Flextools is a key partner in the energy transition as we seek to develop a more efficient and more sustainable energy system.”
Richard Sarti
CEO, NODESmarket
“Ishavskraft is very satisfied with the cooperation with Flextools. They provide automatic bidding, data gathering and monitoring of our customers’ flexible loads. flextools is a user-friendly tool and it provides us with a good overview of our trades on NODES.”
Finn Dag Hovem
Portfolio Manager, Ishavskraft AS
“At Glitre Energiløsninger, we provide innovative and profitable energy solutions to our business customers. By using the Flextools platform, we enable our customers to generate revenue from participation in energy markets using the inherent flexibility in their loads.”
Sivert Eliassen
Concept developer, Glitre Energiløsninger AS
“We are proud to be a partner of Flextools. Through our integration with fextools we can play a part in the flexibility market. It is exciting to see how smart use of data can unlock more capacity in the power grid and create new revenue streams.”
Erik Berg Solheim
CEO, OSS Norge
“Together with Flextools we take part in a sustainable and fully electric society of tomorrow. By identifying our costumers' flexible assets, we can exploit our power grid in a better way, while reducing our customers total energy cost, increase their competitiveness by gaining income from flex markets. With flextools, our customers can easily connect and contribute to the green transition. This benefit both the society as a whole and the customer!”
Mattias Harrysson
Head of Energy & Sustainability Services, Entelios Nordics

Our markets

TSO Markets

Through Flextools, batteries, wind, industrial systems, and other flexible resources are pre-qualified and integrated with TSO balancing markets in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

DSO Markets

In partnership with NODES, users may also bid assets into DSO markets.