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About Flextools

It is easy to get started with end-to-end solutions tailored for the power balancing markets. We deliver solutions for the complete value chain; from pre-qualifying assets to aggregation and bidding.

Our Purpose: Maximizing the value of flexibility for more customers

Enable more customers to gain from flexibility markets, with increased system reliability and more clean electrons on the grid.

About Us

The power system is under pressure. Older infrastructure is pushed to its limits. There is more intermittent renewable production and decentralized production. We see more congestion points and volatility in the power markets. And, an increasing need for electric power as society decarbonizes.
At Flextools, we embrace these challenges as we move towards a low carbon grid. We cannot solely build new grid infrastructure; we need to use it smarter and maximize the value that flexibility can provide. Let's work together to balance the grid, avoid congestion and peaks, and decarbonize.

Our Team

Victoria Fearnley Landmark
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Gjerstad
Chief Product and Technology Officer
David Malmberg
Head of Sales and Commercialization
Jason Erwin
Business Developer
Mathias Herbert Rui
Project Manager
Robert Gehrcke
Project Manager and Head of Compliance
Daniel Sjöberg
Onboarding Manager
Veronika Matus
Release Manager and System Developer
Morten Tylden
System Architect and System Developer
Georg Krog Olavsen
Development Team Leader and System Developer
Øivind Hagenlund
Operations Manager
Genadij Trimailov
Senior developer
Karan Chaudhary
Lead Data Scientist
Jez Reel Maghuyop
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Pragati Srivastava
Product Owner
Ciarán Sheehan
Iot Engineer
Kęstutis Dambrauskas
Front end developer
Kjersti Berg
PhD Candidate Battery and energy systems at NTNU