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Enfo AS sells the Energy Management business area to JEFF Electronics AB

Enfo AS has successfully sold its business area within Energy Management to the Swedish company JEFF Electronics AB. The Energy Management business area enables efficient energy use through control and optimization of energy consumption and indoor climate. The patented technology is innovative and customized to enable and assist our customers to remotely manage their electricity demand and supply.

Enfo will focus on flexibility trading and demand response.

 “We are very satisfied with the agreement we have reached with JEFF. They are very professional and experienced within this business area, and there is no doubt that they will deliver excellent customer service and technology to their customersEnfo will hereafter focus on large scale demand response and maximize the value of flexibility in the power market”, says Enfo Harald von Heyden, CEO in Enfo.

JEFF Electronics is Sweden’s leading company within modern climate control in churches and has currently over 330 installed systems. The business accounts for almost 30% of the company’s total revenue and is an important market and customer group for the company.

As a long-term strategic initiative to ensure continued growth in the business area, Jeff Electronics wants to expand its business to new markets and this acquisition is part of our strategy for such expansion.”, says Jan Lindberg, owner and Board Member in JEFF Electronics. 

Customer satisfaction, expertise and security are the most important foundations of our business model and the customers of Enfo, LOS and NTE will be well-received and we will handle them in the same professional way as our current customers.”, says Jon Ellmark, CEO in JEFF Electronics.

JEFF Electronic will initially run the business from Sweden and will follow the successful delivery and project management model currently used for JEFF Electronics climate control system CC Church®.

Read more about JEFF at their website.

Enfo’s sale of its Energy Management business area will also result in an enhanced focus on Enfo’s strategic offerings within flexibility and demand response.  MaxGuard and Switch customers will not be affected by this sale. Enfo’s 2nd line support will be transferred to JEFF Electronics.

Final transfer of the business area and the customer portfolio will be 21. August 2017, this gives us time to ensure a seamless transfer of expertise, procedures and technical platform.

For more information, please contact:

Harald von Heyden, CEO Enfo

Tlf: + 47 922 88 103

Jan Lindberg, CEO and Board Member JEFF Electronics

Tlf: + 46 0703 979751