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Innovation project with Agder Energi – design of a local flexibility marketplace

The demand for electric energy varies greatly. An increasing variable and simultaneous power demand force us to either enlarge the capacity in the grid or find a smarter way of operating the load and the production in the distribution grid.

 Agder Energi, Microsoft and Enfo are collaborating on finding a solution to make the grid smarter. Instead of expanding the capacity of the grid, we are making new innovative technological solutions having higher flexibility and increased participation of all in the distribution grid.

New innovative technology and digitalization opens up for new business models towards a platform in  with a common power market to operate the grid in a flexible way. The available variety of choices and providers will increase for you as a customer. In our smart grid the flexible load, production and storage could be registered and traded by all. The market will take over and will give advantages for everyone connected to the grid.

 Agder Energi. Microsoft and Enfo want to make the base for, and develop a common power market giving predictability, impartiality and freedom of choices in the digital grid of the future.