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We have proven technology for Fast Frequency Reserves (FFR)

During this year we have participated in Statnetts Fast Frequency Reserves (FFR) market with our customers using Enfos state of the art technology. The FFR market will assist Statnett in balancing the grid during periods of less rotating mass in the power system. The need for fast reserves is greatest in the summer months where we have less hydropower production. Together with our customers we have contributed with 8 MW in FFR this year, and Statnett compensated about 200.000 NOK/MW throughout the summer.

FFR is a service commissioned by Statnett, and is the fastest of the services Statnett has available to stabilize the frequency in the national grid. The switch-off time for the loads is up to 1.3 seconds, and the duration for the switch-off is only 30 seconds.

Enfo delivers a turn-key solution for FFR; consisting of hardware on site and connection to our cloud services. The solution is cost-effective and satisfies the requirements for FFR, set by Statnett and the European TSO body ENTSOE. Through our platform we can also aggregate several assets to meet the minimum requirement of 1MW.  

One of the advantages of the Enfo technology is that our customers can participate in several other flexibility markets with the same load and with the same infrastructure. FFR can also be combined with other markets. For example, you can participate with FFR in the summer and mFRR (RK / RKOM) in the winter.

Please contact us if you want to participate in FFR market in 2022!

Read more about the FFR market at Statnetts webpage.