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What is “Flex” and why are “Flex tools” essential?

In a world where the demand for energy is soaring and variable generation (renewables) is a growing part of the energy mix, keeping the power grid in balance (and the lights on!) is an increasingly challenging task. Fortunately, many energy assets connected to the grid – including boilers, ovens, solar panels, wind parks, and batteries – have flexible energy capacity which can be utilized to restore balance to the power grid when needed. Energy assets that participate in the power balancing markets earn revenue.

The Flextools platform and service enables you to transform your energy assets into revenue-generating and grid-stabilizing resources. Whether you’re an asset owner, an aggregator, a Balance Responsible Party (BRP), or a Balance Service Provider (BSP), Flextools offers a full-featured, proven solution that enables seamless participation in the balancing markets.

Flextools is a comprehensive solution with the ability to handle the entire process from A to Z. Starting with an assessment of your energy assets and earnings potential, we can manage the onboarding process ensuring qualification with the TSO and seamless integration. Our platform then handles day-to-day operations and market participation (24×7, 365 days a year), intelligently managing your assets in selected power balancing markets. Finally, we handle the settlement process, providing you with detailed reports on the performance of your assets. 

Our sophisticated IoT devices and cloud platform ensure your assets work optimally, your bids are managed in the balancing markets and generate earnings for you. With Flextools, you get the full package – expert handling of your assets and flexibility, market participation through bids into markets, and day-to-day operations.

Flextools is more than an industry-leading platform and service; it’s a commitment to a more efficient energy system. Join us in this journey towards a greener tomorrow. Your assets, our technology – together, we power change. 

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