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Battery energy storage

At Flextools, we’re engaging with leaders in battery energy storage (BES) to integrate these systems into the evolving energy grid. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of your battery assets by tapping into multiple revenue streams – national and local flexibility markets, peak shaving, arbitrage, etc. – in order to optimize financial returns and battery lifetime.

We know this is no trivial task. Flextools assists asset owners and their partners to pre-qualify BES and ensure cost-effective and secure 24×7 / 365 operation. All while optimizing battery health and longevity.

End-to-end solutions

Flextools is your technology partner to handle the full process – from onboarding assets, prequalification testing, regulatory compliance, and ongoing management. Our team makes the process as seamless for you as possible. We have integrations and experience with most battery types and configurations, from standalone systems to complex Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).

Battery energy management +

At Flextools, we recognize it’s not just about managing your battery assets. It is about optimizing BESS for ancillary markets and other services, while balancing operating costs and asset health.

Our Battery Digital Twin technology offers real-time monitoring for total control and insight. Flextools’ Energy Management Plus (EMS+) capabilities reliably balance battery health, local demands, and grid economics for optimal performance and revenue.

Assured compliance & reliability

Our commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in our adherence to the rigorous Nordic market standards. This includes compatibility with new IT security and dynamic FCR requirements in Sweden.

With Flextools, expect superior performance, compliance, and dependability. Our hardware (Enformer) and API meet the most demanding TSO prequalification requirements.

Diverse use cases

Our experience and solutions cover a wide range of customers and use cases, from aggregating smaller batteries up to utility-scale.

Utility scale BESS: We enable full market access for grid-scale batteries, focusing on control, optimization, and automated or semi-automated bidding across ancillary markets. Our optimization services ensure your battery operates within warranty and cycle limits, extending its lifetime value. We provide expert support in revenue estimation, battery sizing, and hardware needs, whether for existing or new projects.

Co-located renewables & storage: More of our customers are interested in aggregating or combining assets like solar and wind production with battery energy storage. For these customers, we manage wholesale energy sales while fine-tuning battery operations for ancillary services. This creates new revenue streams for wind and solar asset owners when power prices are low or negative.

Our solutions factor in capture rates, grid tariffs, and ancillary service revenues. We offer end-to-end support in revenue planning, sizing, and hardware specifications for your co-located storage ventures.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): Our advanced software platform is designed for VPPs, integrating distributed energy storage and flexible assets. We offer key control algorithms, market access, and strategies to monetize your assets’ flexibility. Our team assists in market navigation, regulatory understanding, and software setup for optimal performance.

Flextools: Empower your energy future

With Flextools, step into a future where your battery assets are not just part of the energy grid but a dynamic, revenue-generating, and optimally managed component of the renewable energy revolution. Reach out to us today about your projects.