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Nordic TSOs prioritize dynamic FCR-D

Nordic TSOs decide to prioritize dynamic resources like battery energy storage in the FCR-D market. Will limit amount of static resources that will be allowed.

We’re hiring!

Join the Flextools team! We're hiring a Customer Success Manager and Project Engineer for our Stockholm-Uppsala offices

What is “Flex” and why are “Flex tools” essential?

What is "flex"? Why is flexibility increasingly important to businesses and grid operators?

New bidding zone in Denmark

Bornholm will become Denmark's third bidding zone when it becomes operational.

Thankful for 2023!

Thanks to all of our customers, partners, and followers for an impactful 2023!

Batteries – Are we deploying fast enough?

Many are bullish on grid-connected battery energy storage systems. But are we able to deploy fast enough?

We are now Flextools

Our company will now be called Flextools, which is the name our partners already know well through our platform of the same name.