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Our connected equipment

We will connect your flexible asset to out platform with our own connected equipment or with API to other control systems. Our own connected equipment can be used for the frequency markets as well as for local optimization. Depending on your needs we will provide different packages of equipment. The Enformer is our gateway to connect the flexible asset to the market.

Enformer - your gateway to capitalize on flexibility services

The Enformer is an RTU for local control of flexible assets. The unit serves as a gateway between flextools and the physical site. Communication, data management and asset commands activates through the Enformer. With an Enformer installed a customer can participate directly in the mFRR-markets. With the addition of a grid analyzer and a frequency relay, the Enformer also serves as a tool to participate in FFR and FCR. The service will include necessary data traffic, monitoring, maintenance and upgrade of the software. The unit runs Azure IoT Edge software and connects to the platform using the flexibus API. For the end user/asset owner it acts as a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). More information about the Enformer can be found in a separate User Manual description.

Main functionality:

Frequency Guard - respond to frequency deviations in the grid

Our Frequency Guard has been developed in close collaboration with Statnett and Sintef in a research project funded by Forskningsrådet. The frequency relay measures frequency in the grid and dispatch/reconnect assets based on pre-set trigger points. For participation in FFR or FCR markets we deliver a fully equipped cabinet with all neccesary HW to meet marked requirements.