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We have been a proud part of the eFleks project together with our customer Entelios. Entelios uses flextools™ to aggregate and trade flexibility on the Norwegian TSO market for tertiary reserves (RK/RKOM).Loads where directly dispatched from Statnett using electronic activation over ECP (entsoe).

More about the project: Together with Statnett, Entelios and Siemens, we where part of the R&D project eFleks (explicit flexibility). The project was run by Statnett in collaboration with the industry. In this project we connect demand response assets in the price area NO1 to the tertiary reserve market. The flexible assets are offered in Statnetts Regulerkraftmarked and are activated automatically by Statnett with the electronic activation: eBestill. The industry assets where controlled using our Enformer gateway units, and in some cases, also through control systems. A large part of delivery where installation and and surveillance of the Enformer units.

Statnett has released a press release in addition to a project report where Enfo was one of the main contributorss.