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Fast Frequency Reserves

During the spring of 2021 Enfo has established a service for delivery of Fast Frequency Reserves (FFR) the Norwegian TSO Statnett. The service from Enfo includes both software and hardware to participate in the FFR-market, also including necessary hardware to collect measurements at sub-second intervals. Currently we are in the market together with two aggregators in Norway.

In Norway the need for FFR is greatest in the summer months where we have less hydropower in the Nordic grid, but FFR is a service contracted by many of the European TSOs. It is the fastest of the ancillary services for stabilizing the grid. Loads needs to be dispatched in less than 1.3 seconds, and the duration is either 5 or 30 seconds, triggered by a frequency measurement. For most companies, these activations will not affect the production or service to a significant degree.

The grid benefits greatly from TSO, hence the willingness to pay for standby load capacity is good. Markets types varies from daily to seasonal auctions. More information on FFR can be found here at Statnett.

Enfo delivers a complete system from onsite hardware solutions up to our cloud services. The solution is cost-effective and satisfies the requirements for the service, set by Statnett and the European TSO body ENTSOE. Enfo offers its customers FFR service through flextools ™, where we aggregate loads so that the minimum requirement of 1MW is achieved for participation in FFR. We have in one portfolio single loads with power from 30 KW and up to 5 MW.