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In NorFlex we deliver our flexibility platform flextools™ to five individual flexibility providers/aggregators. We are helping with aggregation, baseline calculation, flexibility predictions and demand response services. In Q1-Q2 2021 we have more than 1000 accepted trades running through our platform.

More about the NorFlex project: The project runs over a three-year period, during which energy industry players like Agder Energi, Statnett, Glitre Energi, Mørenett and NODES will jointly test various technological solutions to promote more flexible electricity consumption by customers in the NORFLEX project. The project involves two Norwegian DSOs: Agder Energi Nett and Glitre Energi Nett.

Enfo deliver technology and expertise to the project together with our customers: Glitre Energi Strøm, Ishavskraft, Entelios, Futurehome, Noova Energi and Istad Kraft. For each of these, we work with different technology companies to connect and integrate flexible assets: Techla, Sentient, EcoSTOR, IoT Solutions, Pixii to name a few. The market place in this project is Nodes. In addition to flextools, Enfo delivers onboarding (installation and configuration) of many of the assets. As part of our service, we deliver surveillance and monitoring of the installed units.