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Smart Senja

In Smart Senja we deliver our software platform, flextools™. Our customer is Ishavskraft, a balance responsible party (BRP) and energy retailer, that leverage flextools to become a flexibility provider and aggregator. With flextools they connect assets from the fish industry to a local energy market from NODES.

More about the project: Smart Senja is an Enova-supported project led by Troms Kraft Nett. The project is organized in a consortium, consisting of Enfo, Ishavskraft, Arva (previous Troms Kraft Nett), Powel, Eaton, Nodes Market, the University of Tromsø and others. In this project we want to demonstrate how smart energy management and flexibility trading can help ensure the supply to important consumers and industry. This will help the local community while waiting for new grid investments. Large batteries will be installed as flexible assets (in fact the largest battery in Norway of 2MW will be installed (in Norwegian) ). In the project Enfo is both a supplier to Ishavskraft and a consortium member.